How Do You Roll - Microneedling

Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy is all the rage right now and as it should be!  Microneedling is a fabulous treatment to improve the health of one’s skin.

Is flawless, more youthful skin just a mere “roll” away?  In my opinion, yes.  Perhaps not necessarily that simple, but healthy, youthful, glowing skin is realistically attainable with Microneedling.

Let’s review the characteristics of healthy skin.  Perhaps the skin should be smooth in texture with an even skin tone free of overly pigmented areas and appear plump, firm, and well hydrated.

Microneedling effectively achieves all of these desirable features, over time, by continually injuring the skin in a safe and controlled manner allowing our bodies natural healing response to come to the rescue and heal these micro-injuries, while also allowing for deeper product penetration into the skin.

I often think of this treatment as “aerating our lawn”.  We are using medical grade needles to micro-puncture the skin, again in a safe and controlled manner to improve the health of our skin through our bodies own biology and “waking up” our cells.  We are telling them to function more effectively and do their job, not just be lazy and rely on us to use our same products and creams without having any responsibility of their own.

I believe a thorough consultation is essential prior to undergoing Microneedling.  Firstly, one must be the right candidate and, secondly,one must be fully informed of pre and post treatment instructions and, also adverse effects although very rare. This is not a “lunch time procedure”.  There is a short period of downtime and best results are achieved from a series of in office treatments combined with high quality skin care products.

Perhaps one does not have time for four in-office treatments spaced 4 weeks apart.  A home Dermaroller is a perfect start and a perfect way to prep the skin for perhaps an in-office treatment in the future.  The home Dermaroller penetrates to a depth of 0.2mm and can be done 2-3 times per week for a mere 5-10 minutes per time.  I have loved my home Dermaroller!  I feel my skin appears more healthy and has a nice glow to it . I noticed my skin was not as oily and I did not need to reapply or touch up my makeup halfway through the day.  My pores were tighter and less visible!  I received compliments on my skin on three separate occasions two weeks after starting to use it.  I have learned that we do not need to be overly aggressive with our skin in order to obtain the best results.  Slow and steady wins the race- be patient and be consistent.

In closing, Microneedling is my “shout from the roof top” treatment.  I would shout from the roof top, in excitement, that everyone should be doing this treatment!  Your skin will thank you.  🙂

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